Thanks for visiting. I am really trying to keep this site, and Facebook, up-to-date, but you know; Real Life. Other Plans. Etc. Still, a brief summary of where I am at - been gigging again, which is of course wonderful, let's hope we can continue that in 2022. Been a few new poems, thanks to the gigging n that, which I hope to record and add to SoundCloud shortly. In the meantime, there's some old stuff there. Take a look (listen).

Also continuing to work on the 'long-form' piece (my mate calls it Epic poetry, but that sounds rather grand. It's just really long). Hope to showcase that in the spring, or at least a version of it.

Thanks to the all the amazing bands and other poets and storytellers (and promoters) I have worked with since the summer, it's been incredible to get out and about again.

Even better, thanks to the audiences who - time and time again - amaze me with their patience, enthusiasm and support. Who would have thought being shouted at in a pub - or before a gig - would be a positive experience!? ;-). Big Love, and see you soon.

Poet, Mumbler, Shouter, Story Teller, occasional Musician, Rabble Rouser, Friend.


The following are SoundCloud 'albums' or 'collections' for your listening pleasure! Keep checking back as new recordings, new poems and new collections will be added regularly. And, of course, please follow me on SoundCloud

Byway W1/13 Revisited

Misadventures In Pop-Land

Extinction Songs


Clips from my YouTube channel - mostly live performances and some others - please use the drop-down to select different poems.


Regularly performing at both Apothecary (experiemntal stuff, 'first chance to hear'), Flying Monkeys (Prose Poems/Stories) as well as other nights across the South West.

  • 05-12-2021 Krampusnatch; Kaberet Kurated and Kompared by me - Full set. The Woodman, Bridport

  • 24-11-2021 Supporting The Skimity Hitchers - 20 min set. The WI Hall, Bridport

  • 09-10-2021 We Shall Overcome- Full Set. The Ropemakers, Bridport.

  • 14-08-2021 Folk-Fringe - Full Saturday Night Set! The Woodman, Bridport